5 Secrets of the Most Productive Salespeople



The most successful salespeople don’t  let the day happen to them; they show  the day who’s boss. To close more deals and beat your quota, build a doable  sales plan every day — starting with the morning and working all the way through an uber-productive afternoon.


The first thing you should include in every daily plan: sufficient sleep. According to sleep expert Daniel Kripke, 6.5-7.5 hours of sleep is the ideal amount each night. Your individual needs may be less or more, but science says this general amount will help you stay productive.

Once you’ve logged 7-ish hours of sleep, it’s time to begin your day of selling. Many successful sales reps do some exercise next to boost their productivity further. According to recent research, people who exercise during their workdays were 23% more productive on those days than days on which they did not exercise. Another study found that after just 30 minutes of mild physical activity, subjects could complete a cognitive test faster faster than they could before exercising.

Planning a morning run or other exercise (it helps to enjoy it!) helps you hit the ground running when you open your laptop and start making calls.


5 Secrets of the Most Productive Salespeople



design or by accident, every sales rep is now working from a fully mobile office. In fact, for some reps, their smartphone is their office. Being a more effective mobile sales rep is within reach — if you prepare your device with the right technology and content.


Is your mobile device making you more productive — or are you occasionally  frustrated or distracted by it instead? The best mobile salespeople make sure they download important documents, maps, and presentations to their phone for offline use, as connectivity can be unreliable (as any hotel guest or conference attendee knows). Include some of your favorite head-down-and-focus playlists on your mobile device for long plane rides. Download a few industry podcasts so you can learn something new while you’re waiting in traffic or for a meeting to start. Also consider investing in a mobile SIM card from a different service provider than your usual carrier, in case of a dead zone. And don’t forget to become very familiar with your phone’s “do not disturb” features so no closing meetings are thrown off by a buzz or ringtone.


It takes a certain skillset to juggle dozens of accounts, manage countless meetings, and respond to dozens of follow-up emails and tasks every day. Most sales reps also hit the road frequently to meet with clients in person. With so much to handle, sales professionals need a way to sell and stay organized, no matter where they are.With the Salesforce1 Mobile App,salespeople can schedule their days, automate repetitive tasks, and do everything they’d normally do in their CRM via mobile device. Salesforce1 has all of the CRM data, platform apps, and selling power of Sales Cloud — but optimized for mobile. In addition to seeing your dashboards, custom reports, contact details, and much more in Salesforce1, the Today App is your personal assistant, bringing everything you need to sell in one location so you can visualize your day at a glance. Today even gives you a daily status update on your progress toward quota, giving you a complete view of your progress and what you should get done that day.

Even better, the Salesforce1 Mobile App is now available offline, so you can be connected to your sales regardless of your wifi signal.

5 Secrets of the Most Productive Salespeople



The most productive salespeople understand that little time wasters can really add up. To take control of your productivity, you must take control of your time. That means eliminating the seemingly benign, insignificant tasks that prevent you from making phone calls, sending prospects important emails, and ultimately connecting with customers.



A useful dashboard is now as fundamental to sales as the rolodex and the landline phone of the past. For the highest-performing sales people, setting up the ultimate dashboard is key to success. Take these cues on what that ultimate dashboard should include.


Dashboards are key to showing your leaders how you sold in the past and what’s happening at the moment. Of course your dashboards must be useful to you as a rep, but they should also answer the questions your executives (like the VPs of sales and managers) have about your performance, and how that affects the overall business.You’ll be more productive if your managers aren’t constantly asking you for reports and they can simply look up information themselves. What are your sales leaders’ key metrics? How do they set your quotas and reward you? Map those metrics to what’s inside your CRM. For example, if forecasting and tracking large deals are important to the VP of sales, make sure you understand the key data points that give insight into those tasks and the best frequency for reporting that data

5 Secrets of the Most Productive Salespeople



 Manually checking off every task or moving leads through the pipeline? Nobody’s got time for that. The most productive salespeople use technology to automate everything — from high priorities to small tasks — to save time and get back to selling.