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Referral Program

If you are Indonesian people with any background or experience and want to have more money freely, let join us by referring potential buyer. Please register to our referral program
Refer your Potential Buyer
Refer your potential buyer for cloud computing service including Cloud Server, Cloud CRM / ERP, Mobile Distribution Application. 
Refer Buyer
Get Money
Get more money by referring more potential buyer including involving in the sales process 
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Referral Flow



Referral Fee Scheme

Basic Referral Fee
Contribution Referral Fee (Rp) Note
Prospect Submission 500.000 Basic Fee
Follow Up, Negotiation until closed win 1.500.000 Additional Bonus
Project bonus
Total Project / Sales Amount (Rp) Bonus (Rp) Note
< 200 million No Bonus
200 million – 300 million 1.000.000 If customer choose monthly subscription, the total project amount will be multiply by 12 (Calculated as total yearly sales)
301 million – 400 million 2.000.000
401 million – 500 million 3.000.000
> 500 million 4.000.000

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