Salesforce Unveiled for Social Ads with Customer Data Integration

By Anthony Myers (@xanthonysfx) Apr 23, 2013,cms wire

Cloud computing stalwart Salesforce has unveiled, the company’s home for social ad selling with the added benefit of integrated customer data.

The company says it has created the first of this kind of system, where customer data can be pulled into a social ad selling platform from a CRM system or social media, and then included into the hyper targeted ads.

Plug Viral Content on Facebook or Twitter Right into Ads

Part of the company’s Marketing Cloud, is the sort of one stop shop for building social ads for Facebook and Twitter that include viral hashtags and keywords, and even customer data from a CRM. As one of Twitter’s initial partners for its social ads campaigns launch back in February, Salesforce has exposed the entire so-called fire hose of Twitter data to the platform.

Businesses will be able to comb through the hundreds or thousands of mentions and tweets about their products or services, and directly sell ads based on them into the stream in real time. Additionally, ads can be targeted based on more traditional demographic info like age or geography.

But the power of the system comes from its ability to segment targets by native social media data like hashtags, and the ability to combine that data with customer data already contained in a CRM system.