Shorten the Sales Cycle and Increase ROI with EPM Live’s New Salesforce Integration App

Posted taken from The New York Times,May 1, 2013

CARLSBAD, Calif., May 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — EPM Live, a global leader in cloud Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Work Management applications, announced today the release of their App. The new App integrates EPM Live’s powerful online Enterprise Project and Work Management software with the world class CRM capabilities of, providing a seamless link between sales and project teams within an organization.

EPM Live’s Salesforce App allows executive and sales personnel to view all of their critical information from within  It provides sales teams the ability to communicate with project teams via the cloud to bring global portfolio and project visibility, work management, and issue management to fruition.  Project teams will be able to provide sales, marketing, customer success and executives with the information they need to close new business, increase customer satisfaction and fuel expansion within their pipeline.  In this process, all users will remain in their system of preference, working the way that makes them the most productive. With critical project data shared between the software systems, organizations can remove the gap often found between sales and service delivery organizations, and more systematically assure customer success.

EPM Live’s Salesforce App Highlights:

  • Project and Portfolio Management:  Increase communication and productivity by bringing critical project data directly into Salesforce. This allows users to see exactly what’s being worked on, with immediate insight into progress or potential issues.
  • User Defined Workflows:  Easily configure workflows to convert won opportunities from Salesforce into active Projects in EPM Live.
  • Global Visibility: Your sales team gets access to real-time information on customer projects, including key milestones achieved, project cost, billing and status information directly in Salesforce.

The EPM Live Salesforce App supports Salesforce Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited editions and can be installed from the EPM LiveApps Marketplace, (, or from the AppExchange.

EPM Live’s applications support the entire work and project management lifecycle and provide the necessary efficiencies and indicators for companies to improve their ROI, streamline their business processes and make critical business decisions.   EPM Live offers its clients solutions that possess the flexibility and scalability to meet specific industry and methodology needs.   These innovative solutions include features such as Portfolio Management, Project Management, Cost Management, Time Management, Resource Management, Service Management, Agile Management, Business Intelligence and Collaboration.  These features are all designed to work together or separately to meet any business specific need.  EPM Live’s new Salesforce App represents another leap towards realizing EPM Live’s vision of enabling true Enterprise Work Management.

“EPM Live aims to allow all users within an organization to access all data critical to their everyday productivity and specific work focus. This eliminates the need to hunt down data and keeps the information necessary to make critical business decisions at their fingertips at all times,” said Joe Larscheid, EPM Live General Manager.  “EPM Live brings employees together for the ultimate collaboration experience, allowing them to socialize on all work initiatives regardless of where they reside and which department they represent.”

About EPM Live

EPM Live is the leading Enterprise Work Management platform that revolutionizes the way organizations manage projects and work.  EPM Live’s platform is the first build to order platform that extends project portfolio management (PPM) to all areas of the business regardless of work focus.  Small to large organizations can apply cost saving disciplines such as delivering projects successfully, optimizing resource utilization, and selecting the right work to all business teams including new product development, IT, services, operations, sales and project management. To learn more, visit