Social CRM – Go the extra mile to get closer to your customers



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Social CRM – Go the extra mile to get closer to your customers


Just a few years ago, an unhappy customer might call you on the phone or send a letter. More likely, they’d complain to their friends and you’d never even know about it.

On the flip side, your happy customers would be even less visible. It’s likely that you didn’t know who your most vocal advocates were. That’s a huge miss.

 Today, customers use social media to discuss, praise and punish organisations of all sizes. So, for the first time ever, there’s a way to join these conversations to serve customers better, identify new opportunities and keep your brand on the right side of the social sentiment spectrum.


Harness the power of social.

To maximise your opportunities to please, you have to be where your customers are, hearing what they have to say.

Welcome to Social CRM, a new technology and strategy that customer strategy guru and author Paul Greenberg defined as:

“Engaging the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted and transparent business environment.”

Social CRM takes all the power of CRM and adds the critical social media channel – with the result that both you and your customers benefit.

2Essentially, social CRM enhances your existing CRM profiles with activities from social media channels. So you can combine everything you know about each customer and prospect with their social activities.

Add social, and what you learn will help you act faster, respond more relevantly and anticipate more accurately.

Social CRM is a sales accelerator, a social-powered customer service platform or a listening post for your product development teams.


Why is all this important?

  • Social CRM lets you engage with customers and prospects in a way that’s in tune with their issues and concerns.
  • Already, in communities, in forums, on social media websites, your customers have an influential voice. They’re joining in conversations about your brand, your products and your services.
  • More and more, they expect you to be there too – listening, understanding and contributing.


That’s very good news – for you, and ultimately for your customers.

Because the more you know about what exercises them (and it could be a big issue around product quality, or a niggle about a registration form), the fuller the picture you can build.

About individuals. About groups. About whole swathes of your target audience. So you can engage them in new ways – meeting their expectations more completely, surprising them with your understanding of their needs, and delighting them with unexpected rewards.

And you can nip in the bud those issues that threaten to boil over into online meltdown.

In short, Social CRM is a powerful new weapon in every business arsenal. For listening, responding, building relationships and progressing opportunities.